Mistakes happen. Here is an ongoing list of corrections and updates to the first printing of Snoqualmie Rock.

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Little Si

Spring 2019 — An additional handline has been installed at the far end of World Wall I near the bottom of Propaganda. It helps protect the scramble up to Megatherion and Micro World.

Middle Fork

Fee Demo Wall — There has been some additional route development on the far left side of the crag near Little Lost Handjammer. More details to follow.

Mount Washington


Deception Crags

Page 150 — Nevermind Wall — Hangerville does not actually exist. Trundling for Glory is the correct route name and the description for that route is correct (but it should be #8, not #12). The dotted line labeled #12 actually shows where #10 Easily Amused goes.


Fall 2018 — The new approach trail, renamed by DNR as Dirty Harry’s Peak Trail, has been completed and the map in the book now matches what is seen on the ground. There is also a new informational kiosk at the end of the bridge and posted signs for all of the crags! Please stay on designated trails.

Neverland — The trail has been relocated. From the end of the bridge, turn onto Dirty Harry’s Peak Trail and walk about 100 feet into the forest. Turn left at the sign for Neverland and follow the trail to the crag. This new trail reduces hiker/vehicle interaction on the road.

Spring 2019 — Headlight Point / Mirror Wall — A handline protects the scramble below Nocturnal Remission down to the Mirror Wall.

Snoqualmie Pass


Outlying Crags